LA’s Getty Museum exhibits Gothic manuscripts

The Los Angeles Getty Museum is hosting an exhibition of Gothic manuscripts from the Middle Ages that should inspire and enlighten art fans, Canvas Prints can report.

Gothic art typically conjures up images of imposing architectural style and is a popular genre among those looking for canvas prints for their home.

The term Gothic also represents an important style of manuscript illumination which dominated in Europe.

Drawing mainly from the Getty Museum’s permanent collection of artefacts, Gothic Grandeur: Manuscript Illumination 1200 – 1350 is on display until May 13th next year.

The exhibit at the J Paul Getty Museum celebrates the achievements of Gothic manuscript illumination in Europe and shows off two new acquisitions.

The Abbey Bible is considered a pinnacle of the genre and a previously unknown German leaf from an Apocalypse manuscript has also been obtained by the museum.

This latter piece exemplifies the subtle and graceful naturalism and offers a rich visualisation of the narrative. Imagery inspired by the story of the Apocalypse is shown alongside commentaries to help readers understand the language in the Book of Revelations.

It was once part of a large-scale picture book, items which are now extremely rare.

“Western Europe in the thirteenth century underwent dramatic social and economic changes, and Gothic manuscripts reflect this through a number of stylistic and narrative innovations,” Elizabeth Morrison, acting senior curator of manuscriptsm told Canvas Prints.

“The rapid growth of cities and universities created an unprecedented demand for illuminated books across Europe.”

Gothic was originally coined as a derogatory term but has since thrown off negative connotations and Gothic works are now highly revered.

The exhibition includes pieces from England, France, Germany and Italy and contains some of the most beautiful paintings of the period.

It is bound to be a source of inspiration for anyone looking for new canvas prints for their home.



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